A change in career

I worked in retail for 7 years without really progressing, it’s not that I wasn’t ambitious I just was satisfied.

It was terrible I was in a rut I’ll admit it which is probably why I may have fell for my ex so hard, it was the one thing I felt was missing

I was happy and content.

But I have a degree and now I keep telling myself I am better than what I was so I’m trying to grasp opportunities.



A change in love

I’ll admit it I did go mad afterwards, there was an element of me that wanted to fuck the pain away and I sought that out.

It’s now out of my system but it was something I needed

Out to the world.

I don’t why I didn’t come out till I was 29. A curious combination of fear and a lack of acceptance of myself.

Looking back now it was kind of silly, it’s one of my many reasons why i’d like to do LGBT youth work to make sure that no one repeats what I went through.

On my coming out party in Polo I met someone who was my first boyfriend

To cut a long story short he eventually stole a lot of money from me and I’m trying to rebuild my life.

If I find him I’ll give him a swift kick to the balls and walk away satisfied.

The same week I lost my job due to the company going into admin.

So that’s where I was.



New beginnings

Hopefully I can keep this up, I’m going to start of with five blogs and the maybe update weekly.

Basically I’m a recently unemployed man who came out last year and then lost money to a terrible ex.

And I’m trying to fix it all.

Hopefully in time