Going back to school Part 2

So I did undergo teacher training the other day in Larbert.

It was weird don’t get me wrong I enjoyed myself but there was a certain emotive smell about the place even though it wasn’t my school, it smelt of acadmia and sawdust that’s the only way I can describe it.

Hopefully I can get some more time in the school possibily next week now that all these interviews seem to have fallen apart again.

It was quite cute that one of the Int 1 pupils actually aksed whether I’d be back.

I’m not saying it steeled my heart to get permanatly into education but it did make me feel good and I haven’t felt that good over the last couple of months.


The sleep issue. Hope is important.

Interviews in Edinburgh the other week so far no dice.

Got an email at half past midnight last night concerning a job I went for selling mathematics products to the USA market, a rejection, couldn’t sleep afterwards unsurprisingly.

I’ve asked for feedback none had been forthcoming so far. I actually felt I did rather well in the interview and I had a lot to offer the role.

Heard nothing from Holyrood House either said they were going to get back to me today at the latest, it’s nearly five o’clock so I think my hope is slipping away on that front too.

Oh well Ive got another interview for working in a gallery in Edinburgh on Wednesday although apparently 50 people have gone for this job but I’m going to try and approach it and tackle it as best I can.

There is no point acting defeated before the battle has even begun.

Today I did actually register for an agency in Glasgow and they look like they can get me some retail work so I’m hopeful about that.

There are three other things filled out the form for working in parliament and looking into a paid internship with a company in London.

The other thing is I’m looking into joining staff banks for learning support roles to get some more youth work and classroom experience under my belt.

I did go to Larbert high school the other day for teacher training. Very enjoyable but I’m making that a separate blog.

Finally I’m  staying over in Chris’ house tonight going over a form for Scottish enterprise.

Perhaps I’ll sleep better then tonight in his arms.

Cookies and sleep

I work better at night.

I haven’t really slept well since the start of the year but this week everything is coming back together regarding sleeping hours.

Job centre appointment tomorrow I have moved it as this week I have placements in Larbert High . I am really looking forward to that and tomorrow I’m going to phone Alva Academy up as well to get some dates booked in there.

Still not employed but very hopeful of retail jobs in town. 

In fact I’m very happy with some of the jobs I just applied for on the Stirling University website. 

Things are looking up though this week I am going for the interview to Holyrood House and I’m really looking forward to that, I will be scrubbed clean to the point of sparkle. I don’t know if I mentioned that job I applied for to work in that location and with such prestige it would be a dream.

That would be a dream job

Going to try and sleep after eating some cookies the events in Boston are adding some perspective to my situation.

I sleep better with someone beside me.

Love, Love, Love

Well I couldn’t keep this up everyday but I’ll keep up as much as a can.

It was lovely to go and see my brother (Tom) and his girlfriend (Victoria) it was just nice to be quiet and spend time with them, play a little bit of video games and then one pint playing pool at the gay bar listening to “really bad” music.

B*Witched – Ce’la vie if you were wondering. 

I got a bit teary leaving them I’ve been doing that a lot recently, I shouldn’t there are people in a lot worse situations then I am and I know I can get out of it as there are people around helping me to get out of this. (seeing them briefly on Wed after a job interview though)

Went over the other day to Glasgow to talk to David to play a gig with him, surprisingly good gig. An audience member really liked it and came up to talk afterwards I had to run off to meet the guy that I’m dating.

He is lovely and he’s helping me out of this situation as well. His name is Chris and you should follow him @tophergraham. He works in Scottish renewables and loves Star Trek so he’s ok with me.

I’m going over there tomorrow to sort out my C.V further and to have food and wine. I’m really looking forward to it.

Regarding the jobs front I’m hoping on some admin and social marketing jobs in Edinburgh that i’ve applied for and the other day I was phoned by Arnold Clark so hopefully something will come of that. Haven’t heard anything about the interview from Carphone Warehouse yet, I’m also hopeful of House of Henderson in town.

Volunteer work seems to be coming to fruition too. LGBT training looks like it will take place at the start of May and I’ve two days of teacher shadowing booked in for the end of the week at Larbert high. 

Also I have a form of failsafe it looks like I’m going to driving taxis in the Stirlingshire area – again I’ve got to wait for forms to be filled in but I know I can work that job and keep this flat.

I know I can keep going as I am loved. 

A busy day. Financial alarmbells

So today I had an for selling phones if I can get that it’ll cover my expenses for a little while, it’s only 15 hours but I would work as much as I could. 

Although I’m more positive over the three jobs I applied for today.

There are more on the Uni of Stirling website and and I’m making phonecalls regarding that.

Also going to see my brother in Edinburgh and head into offices of jobs I have applied for to keep the wick turned on.

It’s really bad though with the benefits I’m on I’m only getting £520 a month my rent costs £400 so it’s £30 a week less than the IDS arguments that erupted recently.

I can keep going with travel arrangements and I do get one more redundancy payment but I don’t want to get in a desperate situation.

I just need a break. 

It’ll be a happy day tomorrow I’m going to see my brothers girlfriend it was her birthday today so as well as asking about jobs in Edinburgh I’m going to see her.

Taxing problems

Today was difficult but I felt it shouldn’t have been.

I have spent it frustrated over council tax benefit, jobseekers allowance and whether I would be charged tax if I took a job on a 15 hour contract allowing me to start getting out of my situation.

Then at the end of the day a fourth instance of dealing with government things sent me over the edge, with their universal gateway.

I did get everything sorted regarding the first three, regarding dates and what not and how much my benefits would change if I take a 15 hour job.

It is an improvement but barely and I would need some sort of benefit to keep myself in my flat.

It leads me to understand why the system can be tweaked and those would stay on it but people could make it their job if they are clever.

Actually the most disturbing thing about today was the tax questions I wanted to ask – Stirling only has a tax advisor for Thursdays and Fridays now in the council offices and I understand that the government is trying to cut this further nationwide.

If I’m struggling can you imagine a pensioner for example, in the end I phoned up one of my ex work colleagues who was on a small contract who was able to tell me.

In fact the last thing was the clincher trying to log onto government gateway.

You need a 12 digit code, which can not be changed at all so inflexible, password must also be a combination of letters and numbers probably capitals too.

I can’t find it, now I consider myself to be reasonable and intelligent but there are two different government websites 12 digit codes and safe cracking passwords.

I understand the need for security but i’m pretty computer literate if the government is rolling out schemes forcing people for signing on and doing government work this way.

They are going to run into difficulty.

Luckily for this job I can just walk into their offices and I have email addresses of the company as well so I’m sure I can apply in some way.

It’ll be more positive tomorrow I have volunteer positions to sort out and I’m looking forward to it.

I’m just fed up of running into governance that is run like something from the film Brazil.


Going back to school

One of the weird things that happened was the fact that I went back to my old school, it’s a new building but a lot of teachers were still there.

Taking up teacher training with any course you need experience so they said they will give me some in May – working around if I find employment.

I think that’s it for now

My aim is to put a small blog on this every day to show my progress this evening I’m watching Wrestlemania (Don’t judge me) and I have some phonecalls to make for graduate jobs the next morning.

Some of the them may involve a move to Edinburgh I’m perfectly willing to move my brother lives there.

The last thing I want to say in this blog of five is that I’d still be on the floor crying over what happened to me if it’s wasn’t for my friends and family.

I love them all.