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The sleep issue. Hope is important.

Interviews in Edinburgh the other week so far no dice.

Got an email at half past midnight last night concerning a job I went for selling mathematics products to the USA market, a rejection, couldn’t sleep afterwards unsurprisingly.

I’ve asked for feedback none had been forthcoming so far. I actually felt I did rather well in the interview and I had a lot to offer the role.

Heard nothing from Holyrood House either said they were going to get back to me today at the latest, it’s nearly five o’clock so I think my hope is slipping away on that front too.

Oh well Ive got another interview for working in a gallery in Edinburgh on Wednesday although apparently 50 people have gone for this job but I’m going to try and approach it and tackle it as best I can.

There is no point acting defeated before the battle has even begun.

Today I did actually register for an agency in Glasgow and they look like they can get me some retail work so I’m hopeful about that.

There are three other things filled out the form for working in parliament and looking into a paid internship with a company in London.

The other thing is I’m looking into joining staff banks for learning support roles to get some more youth work and classroom experience under my belt.

I did go to Larbert high school the other day for teacher training. Very enjoyable but I’m making that a separate blog.

Finally I’m  staying over in Chris’ house tonight going over a form for Scottish enterprise.

Perhaps I’ll sleep better then tonight in his arms.


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