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Cookies and sleep

I work better at night.

I haven’t really slept well since the start of the year but this week everything is coming back together regarding sleeping hours.

Job centre appointment tomorrow I have moved it as this week I have placements in Larbert High . I am really looking forward to that and tomorrow I’m going to phone Alva Academy up as well to get some dates booked in there.

Still not employed but very hopeful of retail jobs in town. 

In fact I’m very happy with some of the jobs I just applied for on the Stirling University website. 

Things are looking up though this week I am going for the interview to Holyrood House and I’m really looking forward to that, I will be scrubbed clean to the point of sparkle. I don’t know if I mentioned that job I applied for to work in that location and with such prestige it would be a dream.

That would be a dream job

Going to try and sleep after eating some cookies the events in Boston are adding some perspective to my situation.

I sleep better with someone beside me.


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