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Love, Love, Love

Well I couldn’t keep this up everyday but I’ll keep up as much as a can.

It was lovely to go and see my brother (Tom) and his girlfriend (Victoria) it was just nice to be quiet and spend time with them, play a little bit of video games and then one pint playing pool at the gay bar listening to “really bad” music.

B*Witched – Ce’la vie if you were wondering. 

I got a bit teary leaving them I’ve been doing that a lot recently, I shouldn’t there are people in a lot worse situations then I am and I know I can get out of it as there are people around helping me to get out of this. (seeing them briefly on Wed after a job interview though)

Went over the other day to Glasgow to talk to David to play a gig with him, surprisingly good gig. An audience member really liked it and came up to talk afterwards I had to run off to meet the guy that I’m dating.

He is lovely and he’s helping me out of this situation as well. His name is Chris and you should follow him @tophergraham. He works in Scottish renewables and loves Star Trek so he’s ok with me.

I’m going over there tomorrow to sort out my C.V further and to have food and wine. I’m really looking forward to it.

Regarding the jobs front I’m hoping on some admin and social marketing jobs in Edinburgh that i’ve applied for and the other day I was phoned by Arnold Clark so hopefully something will come of that. Haven’t heard anything about the interview from Carphone Warehouse yet, I’m also hopeful of House of Henderson in town.

Volunteer work seems to be coming to fruition too. LGBT training looks like it will take place at the start of May and I’ve two days of teacher shadowing booked in for the end of the week at Larbert high. 

Also I have a form of failsafe it looks like I’m going to driving taxis in the Stirlingshire area – again I’ve got to wait for forms to be filled in but I know I can work that job and keep this flat.

I know I can keep going as I am loved. 


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