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A busy day. Financial alarmbells

So today I had an for selling phones if I can get that it’ll cover my expenses for a little while, it’s only 15 hours but I would work as much as I could. 

Although I’m more positive over the three jobs I applied for today.

There are more on the Uni of Stirling website and and I’m making phonecalls regarding that.

Also going to see my brother in Edinburgh and head into offices of jobs I have applied for to keep the wick turned on.

It’s really bad though with the benefits I’m on I’m only getting £520 a month my rent costs £400 so it’s £30 a week less than the IDS arguments that erupted recently.

I can keep going with travel arrangements and I do get one more redundancy payment but I don’t want to get in a desperate situation.

I just need a break. 

It’ll be a happy day tomorrow I’m going to see my brothers girlfriend it was her birthday today so as well as asking about jobs in Edinburgh I’m going to see her.


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