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Taxing problems

Today was difficult but I felt it shouldn’t have been.

I have spent it frustrated over council tax benefit, jobseekers allowance and whether I would be charged tax if I took a job on a 15 hour contract allowing me to start getting out of my situation.

Then at the end of the day a fourth instance of dealing with government things sent me over the edge, with their universal gateway.

I did get everything sorted regarding the first three, regarding dates and what not and how much my benefits would change if I take a 15 hour job.

It is an improvement but barely and I would need some sort of benefit to keep myself in my flat.

It leads me to understand why the system can be tweaked and those would stay on it but people could make it their job if they are clever.

Actually the most disturbing thing about today was the tax questions I wanted to ask – Stirling only has a tax advisor for Thursdays and Fridays now in the council offices and I understand that the government is trying to cut this further nationwide.

If I’m struggling can you imagine a pensioner for example, in the end I phoned up one of my ex work colleagues who was on a small contract who was able to tell me.

In fact the last thing was the clincher trying to log onto government gateway.

You need a 12 digit code, which can not be changed at all so inflexible, password must also be a combination of letters and numbers probably capitals too.

I can’t find it, now I consider myself to be reasonable and intelligent but there are two different government websites 12 digit codes and safe cracking passwords.

I understand the need for security but i’m pretty computer literate if the government is rolling out schemes forcing people for signing on and doing government work this way.

They are going to run into difficulty.

Luckily for this job I can just walk into their offices and I have email addresses of the company as well so I’m sure I can apply in some way.

It’ll be more positive tomorrow I have volunteer positions to sort out and I’m looking forward to it.

I’m just fed up of running into governance that is run like something from the film Brazil.



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